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Packing 1,000 ml. Bottle with measuring cap. Easy-to-use

  • Combining microencapsulation of repellent that prevents 
    mosquitoes and perfume microcapsules.
  • Microencapsulation helps retain anti mosquito and 
    repelling effect. Effective against mosquitoes for a longer time
  • Perfume microcapsules to store perfume in and to 
    distribute fragrance with every movement made.
  • Safe substances that are not harmful to health. 
    No formaldehyde and no mercury contamination.
    ** Accredited institution SGS ** Test Report No: 3274098.
    1. Free Formaldehyde content (no formaldehyde).
    2. Not Detectes Mercury (Hg) (no mercury contamination).
  • Keeps fabrics soft and fluffy to the touch and 
    comfortable to wear. Clothes not fitting atrophy.

1000 ml./Bottle

230 THB
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